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► Besa Time is an Online Portal of Free Press, Different Think and Respects Etic and Princips of Press, is Independent. Is Purpose to Transmit to the Ones who are Interested Currently; News, Information, Analysis, Studies, Research the True and Impartıal Report in the Field of Strategy, Politics, Economic, Social, Diplomatic, Culture, Art, Sport and all Interesting Themes.
► Operating in the field of information and press in Turkish, Albanian and English, BesaTime is independent, it is independent, it doesn't relate with any organization, parti or political movement, it financed only by its founders. It is ongoing of Think Tank Besa Strategy . In General it Relates in all world, EU, and Balkan. In special it Shows Interest for Issues Related with Albanians in Region and Turkey. Besa Time is the portal where the Albanian Diaspora and Lobe in Turkey also broadcast.
► Besa Time is a Albanian news, analyzes and think tank network, headquartered in Izmir, Turkey. BesaTime began operations on 28 November 2002 and covers world news from a objective perspective. Every published article in portal might not be our idea and for this reason the responsibility belongs only to the author.
► Editor in Chief: Dr. Sokol Brahaj (Ph.D.)

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