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1-BESATIME: IS an Online Portal of Free Press, Different Think and Respects Etic and Princips of Press. 2-BESATIME: IS PURPOSE TO TRANSMIT TO THE ONES WHO ARE INTERESTED CURRENTLY; News, Information, Analysis, Studies, Research THE TRUE AND IMPARTIAL REPORT IN THE FIELD OF Strategy, Politics, Economic, Social, Diplomatic, Culture, Art, Sport and all Interesting Themes 3-BESATIME: IS INDEPENDENT, it doesn't relate with any Organization, Parti or Political Movement. It Financed By Its Founders. 4-BESATIME: Operates in fields of information and press in these languages; Albanian, Turkish and English. It is ongoing of “Think Tank Besa Strategy [2002]”. In General it Relates in all world, EU, and Balkan. In special it Shows Interest for Issues Related with Albanians in Region and Turkey. 5-BESATIME: Every published article in portal might not be our idea and for this reason the responsibility belongs only to the author. 6-BESATIME: It is the only “Official Publication" portal to which it broadcasts " ALBANIAN DIASPORE AND LOBE IN TURKEY”. 7-Editor in Chief: Sokol Brahaj◄

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